It is times of great uncertainty that often seek for answers, no matter how absurd they are. In spite of logic, or perhaps more of a struggle for a thing that we cannot know. I find myself now in that moment of uncertainty that comes to us all one day. I think that it is because of the way that life works in and of itself that this is an intrinsic part of the way that human life works that we become so lost at parts in our life. So what do people look towards when they encounter times of great uncertainty. 

Many people, in times of great uncertainty turn to religion. Often times these kinds of institutions claim to have a monopoly on the truth, they offer answers to questions that science may never be able to solve. It claims to have knowledge of other worlds, perhaps other planes, heaven, hell, how we are judged in this life and in the next. In times of uncertainty, these certainties, no matter how dark, can be filled with with a great strength and support even though it may also, in some bad scenario’s lead to negative ideology. Religion can however be a supportive environment that can support people in times of great uncertainty.

Other ways that people strive through times of uncertainty is with the support of others, especially those who care about us, those who know us. It is is often in times of uncertainty that we lose ourselves and it is those that know us best that can provide us with guidance. Whether that be to return to who we once were or to help guide us into the next version of us that will exist. It is uncertain, again, whether this version of us will be better or worse but those that care about us are there to guide us through our lives when we are struggling to guide ourselves through. 

Life can be hard and uncertain and the world can sometimes throw us in directions that we do not expect. It is important that we do not let ourselves fall to far. That we find ourselves some kind of system of support that can guide us through, in times where nobody has an answer to give.

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