Tote Bags


I’ve found in my independent life that one of the most useful items to always carry on you is a tote bag. Gone are the days of worrying whether the bottom of the bag would fall out or that the flimsy handle would break. No paying every time you have to go shopping and not being stranded without a bag in the moments you didn’t know you’d need. 

Tote bags find their name from the word “tote” meaning to carry around. The word has strong links to the word “tute”, a Low German word meaning “bag”. These items are often used as reusable shopping bags, though they are not limited to that function. It was originally designed to help housewives transport ice from their cars into their homes more easily before their general use was more widely recognised. Nowadays, they are marketed as a more eco friendly solution to disposable shopping bags that are made of plastic and therefore have a negative effect on the environment.

Having an extra bag can never prove you wrong in life. And with them growing more and more common, there’s a tote bag out there for everyone’s taste.


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