The universes remaining mysteries


There are some things even the most genius of scientists and mathematicians cannot explain. Well, at least not yet. Our universe is filled with millions of unsolved mysteries that the geniuses of today could only dream of solving. With the development of technology advancing every day, the mysteries that need solving seeming to become more and more complicated. Every problem has an answer, but will we ever find the solution to these mysteries? 

Although there is plenty of speculation on the origin of life itself on earth, there is really no definitive proof of the way the first sign of life on this planet in which we live. There is a possibility that life has been on Earth for as long as 4.5 billion years and while that seems impressive, humanity has barely been there for any of it. Human life on earth has only been around for around 2% of the time that the planet itself has even been around. Even though we seem to be all over the globe and we have had a massive impact on the planets, we have hardly been here for a spec of its life span. It makes it very curious as to how exactly our lives on this earth were started. 

Another of the universes great mysteries is whether or not there are other universes and how they exist and interact with our own and even the others. Theoretically, there are hundreds, thousands, even millions of alternate universes out there in which things went even slightly differently. Maybe one person makes a different decision or slightly different interactions between people. If the multiverse theory is to be believed then this group of universes make up everything, the universe, time, matter, energy. 

Another mystery that exists in this world is the existence of dark matter. It is theorised to make up about 80% of the weight of the universe that we live in, but we have no solid proof on what this thing that is such a large part of existence itself actually is. And despite how much of the universes weight it makes up, it is said to only be about 27% of what actually makles up the universe. However we only know about 5% of the matter that actually make up our universe, so far all we know it could be far more or far less. 

Our universe is filled with mysteries, itself included. With every new answers, springs a new question that may endlessly wait for an answer to come for. Even the workings of the human mind is a mystery that we have yet to completely uncover. Questions lead to answers which lead to questions which lead to unknown that discover and advance this wonderful world we live in. 


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