The Start of Piracy


Pirates, over time, have garnered a negative reputation for their pilaging and thieving of other ships and sometimes even land. The world has its famous ones like Blackbeard, and some of this pirate-like behaviour was even legalised at points by the crown of England, privateers to be used for our benefit. But where did this all beginn, what was the start of piracy?

The earliest mention of anything relating to Piracy happened near North Africa, mediteranian shipping attacks, which we only know occurred because record of the attack was inscribed on a clay tablet. Greece had a large problem with pirates, with people fearing piracy when they were trading goods between islands and ransoms having to be met when people were kidnapped from their homes. Polycrates even comitted piracy with the ships he had possessed when he took over Greece after killing two of his own brothers. 

Piracy has been part of human existence for a long time. I suppose maybe its because of a disparity of wealth or perhaps maybe because the existence of things means that there is always a threat of losing said things some way or another.


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