The Rain forest


We are gradually coming into the new year and while it is still winter, and the cold is still clinging to the air, hopefully warmer weathers are right around the corner. But just because it is cold  and frigid here in the UK right now, does not mean that this is true for all of the world. Tropical rainforests, while moist and damp, actually remain warm and damp all year round. There are many wonderful features of tropical rainforest such as the greenery, the wild life and even the reasons in which it stays a certain way through every month of the year.

The consistent temperature of the rainforests is between twenty-six and thirty degrees Celsius.  This can be attributed to the existence of the imaginary equator around the world, as the rainforests maintain a consistent 12 hours of sunlight everyday throughout the year. This may also explain several of the other things that occur within the rainforest, such as the photosynthesis that powers the continued survival of the rainforest throughout the year. Where as in other place there are shorter days and colder temperatures which damage the vegetation and wild life, the rainforest does not suffer such affects. The cover from the many trees in this environment can actually make moving through the rainforest quiet annoying because of the humidity.

There is lots of diverse wildlife in the rainforests as well as a wide range of plant life that make the rainforest one of the most biodiverse ecosystems known to man. One such integral part of this ecosystem is the Amazon river, which maintains a temperature of around twenty-six degrees year-round. The presence of this river, as well as the heavy rainfall, is what makes the flora and fauna within the ecosystem of the rainforests able to be maintained throughout the entire year. The rainforest sustains more than just itself as well. The quantity of flora within the system actually processes enough air for the entire world in the process of photosynthesis. While the number of trees dwindles every year due to humanity, the rainforests that still exist continue to process the air we are breathing and pump it back out to once again make it breathable for use. Though this isn’t really something that we think about in a day to day basis, without the rainforests that we are beginning to take down, it may one day become very hard for us to even breathe.

While we are struggling through the cold weather at the moment, we know that soon the cold will lift and that we will slowly be brought back into the warmth. The world keeps turning and we keep on living our lives in ways that we see fit. Something however, the ways that we see fit may be damaging to our very chances of continued survival on this planet. Perhaps our solution to be looking at the things that are protecting and saving us and perhaps considering protecting them in turn. Perhaps that way, they earth will continue to spin.


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