The importance of decisions


One of the big questions you always hear from fellow students is ‘How does this apply to real life?’. While its still sort of hard for me to understand why I need to know how to figure out the nth term in a sequence, I do know that there is some importance to be placed in the skill of evaluation. We do it in almost every subject, from English to history and even science. It is important that we know how to evaluate so that we can make effective decisions using all of the information at our disposal. 

Every day we are faced with decisions, from what we have for breakfast every morning, to how we deal with situations and even other people. These are the kind of decisions we make with very little thought. Maybe we spend a short while thinking about it but really, they don’t require too much information. However, for important decisions, it is important that we have all of the information that we can gather at our disposal. By being able to plainly look at the positives and negatives of a situation, we can see if the risks are worth the advantages. Stepping back from a problem and looking at the entire picture means that we aren’t biased by any one particular thing. By paying attention to many of the possible factors, people can make a well-informed decision that will be beneficial for them and others around them. How we solve a problem isn’t only thinking about all the information, however.

Another aspect of making effective decisions is to know what your options are. Even if you have all of the information, it is still best for you to clarify what all of your options are. Many questions have a variety of answers, and it is important as many as possible to be considered. Sometimes the options we are presented with are not the only options available and it is vital we think about each individual possibility to create the best solution to the issues that you are facing. Maybe between the options you have, you may find a compromise that is closer to the outcome you actually desire. It is important we realise that sometimes the most obvious choices, the most obvious solution, may not always be the best way or the best conclusion to come to in the end. 

Every day we make decisions that could change where we end up. It is important that we handle each and every decision with the weight it deserves. That being said, we should not stress ourselves out over decisions that may not deserve the added pressure on ourselves. No matter how important a choice is, it is important that we do not push ourselves over the edge and that we take of ourselves in every aspect of our lives. This sometimes means making the choice to prioritise our own health over the stressful choices looming over our heads.

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