The great mysteries of the ocean


The world is a weird and wonderful place and the vast majority of it is taken up by the vast and wide ocean. The sea is full of mysteries and wonder, it is a world of its own that we have yet to find a way to fully observe or explore. Some of the greatest horror stories arise from the depths of the oceans, from the beasts that lurk in their depths. 

Some of the most well-known beasts of the sea would are the different species of shark. They have a reputation for being man-eating ferocious creatures, willing to devour their meals and their victims. What kind of great beast would it have had to have been then, to have consumed one of the most dangerous creatures of the sea? In 2003, scientists were tracking a nine-foot great white in Australia, before the great creatures temperature skyrocketed and fell around 1900 feet in a matter of seconds. According to the researchers, there is only one possible explanation for why this shark could possibly have reached such depths and a temperature so much higher in such a short amount of time. A great creature from the deep, even greater than the white shark itself, would have had to drag the beast down into the depths of the ocean and gobbled it up. How strong would this beast have to be to be able to take down a white shark? How big would it have had to want to eat a nine-foot shark? Even to this day, we do not know what this mighty creature could possibly be. Maybe one day we will know all of what lurks in the depths of the sea. 

Though the age of seas filled with piracy has gone and passed, though some piracy still remains, the stories of the ships that used to sail the seas still remain. One of these infamous stories is the story of Mary Celeste. In 1872, The Mary Celeste was found floating aimlessly upon the sea by the British Brig Dei Gratia, the crew of which were met with a great surprise upon occupying the drifting Mary Celeste. While the crew upon the Dei Gratia expected to find the people aboard the Mary Celeste just as adrift as their ship but instead what they found upon the ship was no people at all. No captain, no first mate, no crew on site. The ten people who were said to be aboard the Mary Celeste were nowhere to be seen. The only sign that anyone had even left the boat was that the ships only lifeboat was gone. Still, there was only a small amount of water, sloshing around at the bottom of the ship and the crew would have had six months left of supply for the entire crew. So why did they flee their ship? What made them leave? And where did they go? 

The world is full of mysteries that we may never truly know the answer to but that doesn’t mean that we should simply stop looking for answers. It is truly wonderful to find an answer after an exceedingly long time. It is a great comfort to know that there will always be more to learn.


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