When I think of comfort, I think of many different things. Blankets, hoodies, a hug, but I also find that something that falls under this word is socks. As I am prone to do, this line of thinking led me to wonder where socks even begin. How long have these things even been around and developing as a concept? 

The earliest notion of socks that can be found was when people would cover their feet in plant matter as early as the Stone Age, demonstrated not by specimens founds but rather. It evolved from this somewhere down the line, when people would wrap animal leathers around their feet and tie them at the ankle. Romans were the first to fashion actual fitted socks, tailoring them to actually fit the foot. Egyptians were the first to make knitted socks, though each of them had a split toe that allowed them to be worn with sandals, made using a technique called naalbinding.

It takes a long time for the development process on things such as this to develop. It could take years, centuries, decades or even millenniums for things such as the invention of the modern sock to be realised. 


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