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This week I have once again returned to my environment of education and one thing that everyone seems to be having some issue with is how to communicate and socialise. It has been so long since we have seen other people that we have all become out of touch with the natural human art of interacting. Perhaps now is the correct time to find out exactly how to socialise again. 

While I have never been the master at socialising, one easy way to get a conversation going is to talk about the situation in which you find yourself. Everyone has their own personal interpretation of everything that is going on around them based on their own personal life experiences. It can never be too bad of an idea to take inspiration from around you for a conversation starter. Maybe ask someone what they think of a subject that you are both engaged in at the moment. Knowing someone’s opinions on a particular subject can help you form a conversation, sharing ideas and experiences, or even allowing the two of you to engage in an informed debate. Although it is not best to argue with someone you are trying to get along with, it is also okay to not agree with everyone. And it’s always good to remember that no one’s opinion has ever been changed by purely being shouted at. Explain the way you think, include facts or information and listen when they make their own reasoned arguments. It isn’t always easy but it is the best way to engage not only someone else but also learn more about the way that they think and what they believe in. 

Another way of socialising is to share something that you are interested in with someone else. It is easy through this method to find people with who you share common interests. Maybe that common interest is a favourite book that you both love, or a tv show that you both find yourself invested in. Perhaps that common interest is a band or a political leaning, though perhaps it may be best to stay away from the political conversations as they are sometimes quite aggressive and controversial. Talk about common traits or history. If it is a person that you were once friendly with and are once again becoming acquainted then maybe it would be beneficial to reminisce of the past that the two of you share together to perhaps reignite that particular friendship. 

I am far from an expert when it comes to interacting with other people, in fact, most of the time, the thought makes me a little bit anxious. These past few days, however, where I have had the opportunity to speak with people once again, I have learned a very important lesson from my friends. Humans are social creatures and it is great to talk to others. Our worlds open and expand with every conversation we share with others, with every one of their thoughts that we allow ourselves to take in.

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