Preservation of Memory


It is almost every day that I find myself looking back on times in the past, even some that I do not personally remember.  When you go through old albums, physical or otherwise, there is a reminder of certain things. Perhaps it reminds us of a time when things were different, for better or for worse, perhaps it reminds us of all of the little parts that make up the big journey that is our life, as it is and as it will be.  There are many ways that we can keep our memories.

One of the primary ways that I seem to keep memories in my life is through photographs. In my house, there is no shortage of photo albums and filled frames hung on the walls. I have to admit that it is an effective way to have reminders of things. I can recall days I would have long forgotten because the little details in the pictures jog something in the back of my mind. This method of maintaining memories has been in practice since even my parents were children, so you could say that it is a time-tested method of keeping what may not always stay with us.  

Different occasions have different mementos that emerge from them. There are plenty of occasions where things such as flowers are what remind us of most of the special moments during the day. There are several different ways that you can preserve flowers in a way that is meaningful. Firstly, you could dry the petals and preserve them in silicon or glycerin, which can be put into specific molds that can be practical or even entirely decorative. You can also press the flowers and make them into things such as bookmarks. To preserve them you can also do things such as freeze them or put them in the microwave to deal with the water within the flower.

If you have any tech skills and the right software, there is another way that you could preserve photo memories of a specific event, all collated together. When I was a kid, my old man would take photos and videos from when we would go away on holidays as a family and collate them all into one video, with background music and everything. Not only does it mean that all of the memories are stored in one place, but it also gives a song to associate it all with. Sometimes when those songs place, I think back on the moments without the images even being present. 

It is important to me to look back on the memories of my past that allowed and supported me to be where I am today. I don’t know what it is about memories of the past that provides me with comfort but conservation of the past is something I believe to be very important. Our minds may not be able to recall these memories forever but physical representations of that moment may hope to preserve them for a long time to come. 

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