Platinum Jubilee


Tommorow is the Queens Platinum Jubilee. So what does this actually mean? Other than the facts that it gives me some time off to spend with my family, it did not mean a fair lot to me. But what does it actually mean when you look into it. Well the Platinum Jubilee is to signify the 70th year of the Queen holding her position as the head of the royal family within the UK. Queen Elizabeth turned 96 earlier in the year and has, in a way, been in the service of the country for the majority of this long life. With such a long and meaningful life, there are plenty of interesting things that have happened in her life. 

When the Queen married seventy-three years ago, the material that was used to make her wedding dress was something that she purchased using World War II fabric ration coupons. She was afforded two-hundred extra coupons for this and bride-to-be’s from across the country sent her coupons so that she could afford her royal gown. She bought the dress as show that she was entitled to the dress. She did however have to send all of the coupons sent back to all of the women who had sent them in the first place as the coupons were not be shared, as stated by law. The dress was designed by Norman Hartell, known for his embroidery. The extra coupons were used to by the necessary materials for this extravagant dress.

While it is common knowledge that the queen has a great love of the corgi breed of dog, it may not be common knowledge how many of these creatures that she has had in her life time. It is fairly well known that dogs as beings are less long lived than humans and so it makes sense that the Queen has had a number of dogs in her life time. The number of corgi’s that the queen has had is thirty of this specific breed of dog. The Queen has been alive 96 years and corgi’s have a life expectancy of around twelve to fifteen years. Currently the Queen only has two corgi’s, named Muick and Sandy as well as a dachshund corgi mix (Dorgi) named candy, showing the queens fondness for dogs. It has been claimed that the Queen is also an excellent dog trainer. Her dogs are said to be well managed and obedient, even when she had a larger number of them. 

The lives of individuals are very important, even for the ripple effect that their life causes. I think that even as an individual, each person recognises a sense of recognition in their lives. The Queen, as public as she is, still there is a lot that, despite being common knowledge, individuals do not know about her. And even then, there is an aspect of her life that we are unlikely to ever know, even if she is to leave this world. Perhaps that is how it is with all people, that there are some things that the world will never know. 


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