There are many delicacies of this world that are enjoyed by many of the people within it. One of these foods is pies. There are so many different kinds out there in the world, sweet, savoury, and some even containing alcohol, even if you cannot taste it. I wonder where this invention came from and perhaps what the earliest types of pies were. 

There is evidence to suggest that the first pie was introduced by the Egyptians, with evidence being found of pie being made consisting of barley, oats, rye or wheat. Early pie crusts were said to be dense as they were not meant to be eaten. In the tomb of Ramses II, there was a pie recipe found inscribed, with ingredients such as fruits and honey. There was also a stone tablet found separately that held a recipe for a chicken pie written in hieroglyphs. Greeks took pie a little further, though perhaps not in practice, though there were words of a pie-like dish in an ancient Greek poem called ‘The Banquet’. There was also mention of it in several plays by Aristophanes. Romans then developed the ideas again and put these works of the Greeks into practice and made the pies. 

I often wonder what the food we eat today will become and develop into further down the road, in the future. What foods will develop and what foods will disappear? Perhaps some foods will even merge and become one. I wonder if one day pie will become something entirely unrecognizable.


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