I live surrounded by inquisitive minds, raised in such a way that I always knew the value that was placed in asking questions. Someone once told me that the answer that we find from the questions that we ask can likely lead us to our next question. And so I have always been curious when it comes to philosophy. I suppose philosophy is often about curiosity although I must admit I did not know much about the subject before I began my research.  

The study of philosophy finds its origins in Ancient Greece, or at least it’s traceable origins that is. While Socrates was and is potentially still one of the most famous philosophers, he was actually predated by Thales of Miletus who was not only a philosopher but also a mathemetician and an astronomer. He was noted as the first philosopher of the Greek tradition, notable my Aristotle, a student of Socrates. Thales, unlike other philosophers from that time, did not use the Gods and mythology as an explanation. He is the first to consider scientific philosophy and is often regarded as the father of science. 

Socrates famously passed down his ideas and practices and they were picked up by Plato as well as his student Aristotle who started their own schools such as the Platonic Academy and the Paripetic School respectively. One key idea of Ancient Greek philosophy is metaphysics, the study of the nature of reality, of what exists in the world, what it is like, and how it is ordered. Another key idea was cosmology which dealt with the nature of the universe. 

It is strange to think that we have been questioning the universe for so long and we still do not have the answers to our reality. Perhaps that is the point, that we do not know, that we continue to question. It is important that we never stop asking these questions.

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