There are many delicacies of this world that are enjoyed by many of the people within it. One of these foods is pies. There are so many different kinds out there in the world, sweet, savoury, and some even containing alcohol, even if you cannot taste it. I wonder where this invention came from and...Read More


Nature has a great place among many cultures and societies. Beyond the fact that we require trees and other plants to turn the carbon dioxide we exhale back into the oxygen that allows us to live, there are also many other positive effects of the presence of plant life within the world and environment that...Read More


There are many cultures that have their own folklore, legends and myths. One creature that is often common amongst these array of lores is dragons. Dragons are prominent in many of the lores of many different cultures around the world and are also a staple in the genre of fantasy. But what are some of...Read More
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