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There is something to be said for having knowledge. Not the kind of knowledge that can be found amongst the pages of books but rather the kind of knowledge that can be gained through real life experiences. This is not the only thing that can be gained from real life experiences. 

For one, the memories of the experience are something to gather and remember. There are days that I wander through each moment, searching for a better one. And when those better ones come, they are some of the best that I can possibly imagine. So I think that it is very important that I have come to treasure the good times. What I have learned through these good times is that moments do not last. That they are special and that they are cherished but they do not last forever. And you will never remember them perfectly forever, because thats just the way that our memory works. And so while we should remember these moments, it is also important that we live in them while they last as well. The people that we experience them with will be alongside us during them and it is something wonderful to have the people that we care about by our side, not only in our memories but also in that specific moment.

This is all to say that our life is an adventure that we are going on. While many adventures are written down or recorded in some way, they remain always without the physical record of it in the memories of the people who experience them. We learn a lot from the adventures that we have. They teach us many different life experiences, such as how to handle ourselves in certain situations, giving us perspective on our life that we already have and help us to consider future decisions in our lives. We can prove ourselves, not to others as people would make us think is necessary but rather to ourselves in ways that help us gain confidence in our own abilities to push forward with the life that we have been given and must live. 

There are a lot of things that life could be for. For the discovery of knowledge of all kinds. For travelling or exploring. It could be for falling in love or loving people who are important in our lives. Every life is different, same as adventure is different for everyone. Our lives are built in different ways, from the moment or not even our first breath, to the moment of our last and perhaps beyond that, depending on what you believe. It is important that our adventure is lived, remembered and importantly, uniquely ours.

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