Oral Story Telling


Books, novels, and other such methods of sharing information have not always been in existence. We often find great stories spread among the pages of books within libraries and stores. But there are so many other ways that stories are told and shared. Long before there were books and even now, there have been ways of sharing stories and narratives and facts that don’t require to be pressed into pages. 

Words have a great power when spoken allowed. Oral traditions have been a large part of history for a long time, whether that be the sharing of each generations knowledge or the stories that are passed down from parent and child. In a time when an ability to read was a much rarer thing, sharing information and fun stories was something that could only be conveyed through speech between different people. Even when books rose to popularity, the lack of literacy skills meant that many stories were still told through these means, though there was an increase in people telling stories that had first been recorded in books. 

Many stories that find their origins from the oral story telling tradition have now been written down and published, shared with more than just an individual or a small group but now the world. But there are still auditory ways of story telling. Podcasts are an example of this kind of thing. Words have a special kind of power to move us and change things and before they were ever written down, someone had to speak them out loud. 



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