Niche places in London


Today was a good day. I spent the day with my oldest and closest friends, travelling around London, mostly on foot. Without the large crowds and all of the shops being open, it was very easy to find small niche but interesting places. We found new foods to try, new places to see, quiet places to just sit and be, while the rest of the city moved on around us. While it was amazing to sit and just spend some time with my oldest friends again, it was also amazing to find all of these places right underneath our noses. 

Many of us can relate to Alice in recent months, going away into our own little worlds, but this shop takes this up to another complete level. ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ is a place selling all kinds of Alice in Wonderland memorabilia, from vintage and rare books to collectables and even Wonderland themed notebooks for anything that your own mind can imagine. Not only that but part of the store functions as a museum for some of the more rare and exclusive memorabilia, including items ranging from a chessboard all the way to original art. This shop is located in Cecil Court, around Charing Cross station, open Monday to Saturday, from 11 am to 6 pm. If you are looking for a place to take your own personal dive down this very niche rabbit hole, it is there for you to tumble into, or maybe even purposely find. 

Some places are so absolutely niched that they have been given the niche seal of approval, or in this case, a stamp. At Blade Rubber Stamps, that is all they sell. Who knew that there were so many different kinds of stamps, and for so many different purposes that it would warrant an entire shop of them? Not only do they have a wide range of rubber stamps available for sale, not only at the store, but also for delivery, but they also allow for the creation of personalised stamps for things such as professional use or maybe even just making fun little stamps with your own personal logo. They also sell kits that can be used to create your own stamp with your own two hands. The shop is conveniently located only a short walk away from the British Museum. They not only sell the stamps but also the ink pads to go along with them in a variety of colours with a variety of different brands. 

Our world is full of little secrets that each and every person has yet to uncover. I love finding small places that are relatively undiscovered and discovering the best parts about them. Even on the busiest streets, there might be a small shop or establishment of some kind that could someday be your favourite but would never catch your attention unless you actively start looking for the small but interesting in our big wide world. Go and explore our world, find favourites that no one else has ever even heard of. 


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