Mythical fire creatures


Many creatures within the mythology of the world find themselves linked to elements. One of these elements have many different mythological and folk tale creatures attached is. So what are the main creatures that are associated with the element of fire within mythology. 

One of the primary creatures that are associated with fire within mythology is the phoenix. These creatures take the forms of flaming burns that, instead of dying, immolate, only to be reborn from the ashes of their own remains. 

Another creature of fire that is well known from mythology would be salamanders. Not the real kind, the fire creature kind. The creatures are similar in ways that extend past just sharing the same name. The name for the creature does after all come from the mythical being, with the name literally translating to ‘fire lizard’. 

Fire is an interesting element, what with its propensity to cause destruction. Its often associated with that destruction as well as rebirth and mischief. Many of the different aspects of myth draw inspiration from nature and so the perception of the element likely comes from that as well.


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