There are many dangerous situations that exist in the world, in the vastness that we live in every single day. Sometimes, during the night, when there is rain or a storm, I think about what trouble it would be if I was out at see. My mind wanders to lighthouses in these nights and to the many ships they stop from smashing up against the rocks. 

A lighthouse can simply be described as a building or structure of some kind that has some kind of system of lenses and lights used to project the light out onto the sea, to serve as a navigational point, signaling to the ships where the shore is so as to avoid any incidents or accidents. The roots of the concept of the lighthouse can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, with the first lighthouse being built around 280BC, the Pharos of Alexandria. The light at the top, instead of the mechanical lights that can be found on modern lighthouses these days, was a large open fire instead, standing at over 450ft tall. We have evolved from using wood to coal fires and to moving in more recent years to electrical lamps. 

Guiding lights in the dark, calling ships home safely, are a useful tool in our society. There are many uses that can found from a light in the dark.

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