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Post, while less used now for simple communication, is still an important system. While fewer letters are now sent between people, a large majority turning to more immediate digital methods, there was once a time when letters were the only form of long-distance communication. So how did the writing of letters begin and where is it now?

Well, one of the first letters believed to have been sent was a handwritten letter in around 500 BC by Persian Queen Atossa. The popularity of these grew with the increase of literacy within their culture or civilization. There has been a development in the levels of literacy since then but there is still a problem with literacy to this day. Many people, even in the modern day, struggle with literacy. Many people, despite the existence of modern communications, would prefer to get a handwritten letter as it would be considered to be more meaningful by the recipient. Perhaps this is because of the extra effort that is required to handwrite a letter, especially considering any mistakes or edits may require the starting of an entirely new letter, without the ability to backspace.

Letters have been sent for a long time and are included in many myths such as the Iliad, another display of its impact. The written word is powerful and everyone should be given equal access to such a thing. 


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  • November 4, 2022 at 12:04 am

    Letters are such useful and interesting primary sources for historians. Makes you wonder what historians can do with our digital communication in their research!


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