There is an interesting thing about the different languages that people use to communicate with each other and things in this world. While I am not well-versed in languages, I can still find them incredibly interesting. Namely, I find myself interested in what qualifies as a language and how we came to qualify languages in the way that we do as humans. 

Well, looking at definitions of language as a word seemed to while differing slightly, impress the same meaning. A system of communication that is understood as part of a society or culture that has its own system of rules that allow it to make sense to those who understand the words themselves. While some definitions determine it to be made of exclusively sounds and written symbols, others would suggest that any form of expressed communication could also be classified as language in itself. There are several ways of defining language but in the end, it is down to the fact that the words, sounds, symbols, or gestures must themselves fall into a system that is understood by those who use the language, even if these rules remain an unwritten idea that is passed on from generation to generation through the use of the language itself. Each language has its own set of systems that differ from language to language. It’s interesting to think that while many languages have similar roots, some of them have formed more unique systems than others to confine themselves in.

 Language and communication are important in our modern-day society, but even before developments and downfalls, the ability to express ourselves to each other has always been a vital part of societies we find ways to express things to each other. Hopefully, this expression and communication continues. 


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