Hatten Garden Robbery


There are some things that occur out in the world that seems stranger than fiction. Every day, the weird and the wild infect our daily perception with new inconceivable truths. While this isn’t quite something out of the possibility of my imagination, it is far-fetched in the most hilarious of ways. One such way in which this happened is when a group of eight over 50’s men committed an almost ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ style robbery at Hatten Garden. 

The eight men, aged 59 to 76, organized under their oldest member, ‘Guvnor’ Brian Reader, managed to rob two million dollars worth of jewels. While many saw this group of old men as unsuspecting due to the nature of their age, several of them had taken part in robberies and other various crimes before their heist. They pretended to be maintenance men to gain trust around the premises of the site, leaving a man on the lookout. They smashed security cameras and then attempted to drill through into the Hatten Garden deposit. While their first attempt at this was a failure, their second attempt on the next day proved a success. They removed the jewels using bins, made inconspicuous by the uniforms that they wore. These men were eventually caught a month later, though not all who were involved in the heist were caught. 

There are times where the things that happen in this world are so strange, you would hardly believe they happened if not for the bounty of evidence. The importance of recording this information is clear when we look at examples like this, because it shows that almost anything is possible. 



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