As the summer months creep in quicker and quicker to our lives, we are seeing rather a sharp turn in the weather. Namely the temperature. With temperatures rising, many people I know have broken out the good old reliable fan to help get them through. But when did the fan first become an invention, when was it first brought into this world, and was this always its intention?

The invention of the first electric fan can be credited to Dr Schuyler Skaats Wheeler, who made the first electrical desk fan. Made of copper and with two blades, this fan used direct current to power it. However, as is the way with new inventions, it was not cheap to start with. It was the mass production of steel fan blades that changed this. Also, another blade arrangement was designed shortly after that made the fan more quiet than it was. 

When ideas come to us, it is likely that we will not immediately have all of the answers. As is with inventions such as the fan, as new ideas and concepts came along, things can become greatly improved. 


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