End of an Era


It is often strange to think about an end of an era. About something coming to an end. In the next three to four weeks, I will have to start thinking more seriously about my next adventure in life because by then, this road that I am currently traversing down will meet its end, whether that is for good or for bad. I think, to me, it is important that we do not remain stagnant in this life but rather to continue to push forward in many ways. For me, there is no way to stop me from moving forward unless I was to stop the very flow of time itself. But if it were at all possible for me to get stuck, then it is important that we must be able to move on from that place in our lives. 

It is important that we do not focus on the past but rather that we still use it for a springboard to push us forward. Of course if you ignore the springboard, you are more likely to miss it than actually be propelled forward over an obstacle. It think it is hard t define what a healthy amount of reminiscing is. Is it enough that we enjoy it and learn from it? Is it enough that we do not become lost in who we once were? I think that what is the most important is that we use the lessons that we learned and the people that we were to propel us forward. We can decide which parts we keep and which part we remove and which parts need to be adjusted and continue on into a new saga in our lives as we travel down this road. 

It is important that we live our life. This isn’t to say that we must continue to be alive but rather that we must live a life that is honest to ourselves rather than a lie to everyone else. For if we are not honest with ourselves, then it may be hard for us to live and progress with any furver in this life as we continue to fill what ever purpose that we have filled out for ourselves. So what I am saying is that to move forward in the life that we have we must be true to ourselves and what it is that we want with our lives. 

The next step in our lives is important as it defines a portion of our lives. And yet we can choose to change ourselves and our lives with a moment of consideration. Our life is ours to decide and live and journey down.

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