There are many cultures that have their own folklore, legends and myths. One creature that is often common amongst these array of lores is dragons. Dragons are prominent in many of the lores of many different cultures around the world and are also a staple in the genre of fantasy. But what are some of the worlds best known dragons in the world?

One narrative that has a well-known dragon is that of The Neverending Story, in which there is a fluffy fuzzy luck dragon by the name of Falkor. In the movie version of this story, their is nothing known to have hurt Falkor, while in the books, the beast is a captive by a shape-shifting wasp spider creature, from where he is freed. Like many dragons, Falkor has also been known to fly. 

Another of the dragons that have been in prominence within culture is Smaug, the dragon from J.R.R.Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’. This drake was considered to be the last great dragon of Middle-Earth and hoarded the treasures of the Lonely Mountain until he was awakened by dwarves from his hibernation. 

Dragons in pop culture have grown and grown, with various different cultures around the world contributing their own versions of these great beasts to the narrative.



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