There is much to be said about long-distance travel. Recently, I have spent some time on coaches, which seemed a great way to express my mind the actual distance between places, through the time it took for me to get there. It left me thinking about distance. 

Several people have attempted to get from Lands End to John O’Groats, the length between the two extremities of the Isle of Britain. It takes the average cyclist ten to fourteen days to cycle the length of while it is likely to take those who walk several months to walk from one to the other. There have also been several attempts to sail around the world, with the earlier ones taking longer because of the less powerful ships, though the record is currently sailing around the world in 40 days. It takes somewhere between two and a half and four days to reach the moon from earth. 

There are many places that seem far but are closer than we think and some that are further away than they feel. Whether your journey is to get to a location or to enjoy the route that you find yourself traveling, the distance may not be exactly what you think.


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