We learn more and more about the world we live in every single day, but the world also shifts and changes with each of those days. So, often, discoveries are made that we did not know about before. There are constant discoveries of different kinds of animal species and plantlife that exist within nature and the wild. Even though it is still early in the year, there have been several discoveries of new species already.

Early in January, Harvard released evidence that they compiled on the existence on several more species of deep-sea squat lobsters, five to be specific; Munidopsis girguisi, M. nautilus, M. testuda, M. cortesi, and M. hendrickxi. These crustaceans were photographed and illustrated. These species were found in a large collection of deep-sea squat lobsters that were dredged up from the East Pacific. These creatures are found at the bottom of the ocean and according to the study, Squat Lobsters are some of the most plentiful, with many variations amongst the species itself. 

The Stream Tree frog genus Hyloscirtus tolkieni has been discovered in Ecuador, though unfortunately, researchers were only able to find one of these species. They still dubbed it a new species all the same. They do not know the spread of this species as they were only able to find the one, though they know it is a stream frog due to its proximity to a stream. The ‘tolkieni’ in its name comes from the fantasy author J.R.R.Tolkien, as one of those responsible for naming it said that the colours of the creature reminded them of Tolkien’s fantasy worlds. 

There is much that is being found every day, such as these creatures. Even in the every day, there is much for us to discover about our personal world and bubble that can broaden our view of the world we live in. 


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