Developments of the renaissance


Though our world has come a long way, there was a period in which the world where there was a great amount of progress, from a world living in the dark to a world in which was enlightened and had grown. We are ever moving forward, ever progressing, but without the discoveries of the renaissance period, we would not have the modern world the way that it currently is. 

The medicine that existed in the middle ages was less than stellar. Many of the ‘hospitals’ were actually run inside of monasteries by the nuns who lived there. There was less of a focus within these places on making people better, but rather caring from them as their illness either ran its course or took the life of the person who was ill. Access to a doctor, or as it was then known, a physician, was limited mostly to those who could afford these types of care, which was a very limited number of people and those physicians were trained on long-outdated ideas that no one had tried to disprove or question before the renaissance. The renaissance was an especially important time for the development of medicine as it was the first time the human body was illustrated and all of the muscles were mapped in ‘the fabric of the human body’ by Andreas Vesalius, who even went so far as to steal a skeleton in order to make some his discoveries and disprove old outdated theories. It was also discovered that blood only flowed in one direction during this time and the first blood transfusion was carried out. This transfusion between a human and a dog but was a failure due to the absence of knowledge of blood types. 

Another development that occurred during the renaissance period was the development of great works of art. The works of art present in the renaissance period were so great that they continue to tell stories every single day and there is even an art style that is based on it. Some of the most famous renaissance painting are scattered across the globe and continue to inspire those who visit the galleries that they are housed in.  One of the most infamous paintings in the entire world, renaissance or otherwise, is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo DiVinci. Despite its small size, its notoriety means that it is visited by around 30,000 people every day at the Louvre, which is about 80% of the museums daily patronage. This just goes to show the importance of the renaissance period for the development of art. 

Every time period is known for something, for helping the world develop in some way or another, changing the shape of the way people see things. While the renaissance was known for the development of medicine, art and many other things, perhaps we will be known too. Perhaps one day, our generation will find a way to push the world towards greater development and discovery. We can only wait and see what our future will bring. 


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