Creation Myths


We live in a world full of mysteries and one of these great mysteries of life is how it all came into being. Scientists will tell you that the Earth formed around the solar protoplanetary disk with space debris, creating a lifeless and boiling planet, where no life could even imagine living. Christianity will tell you that God spent a week building the world we now live on and all of the creatures within six days. But what about what the people of old used to believe Before science had tried to find a way to discover the wonder of the creation of our own planet.

The Greeks believed in a many numbers of gods but they held the belief that the one who started it all was a goddess by the name of Gaia. Before Gaia, the world did not exist and instead there was just an emptiness, which the ancient greeks called Chaos. When Gaia came, she brought Uranus and some of the old gods that helped make up the world as it once was. Uranus was the old god of the sky as well the father to Gaia’s twelve children, the titans. Mother Earth gave birth to cyclopes and the one-hundred-handed ones, however, these creatures births disgusted Uranus, who cast the beings into Tarturus. In revenge, Gaia made one of her children, Kronos, cut off Uranus’ genitalia, after which she cast her once lover into the ocean. From the blood of Uranus’ genitals, the godess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, was born. Kronos then proceeded to marry his sister, Rhea, with who he had six children, who were known as the gods. Prometheseus was the titan who created humans, modelling them from clay and stealing fire from the gods who denied the human life on the earth any warmth, leading Prometheus to his eternal punishment. His penance? To be strapped to the side of a mountain, to have his liver pecked from his body by vultures, leading to a slow death, until he was inevitably alive again the next day. 

When it comes to Egyptian Mythology, there is a bit of debate on what the true creation myth is. Much of what we know of ancient Egyptian creation myth comes from the inscriptions found on the walls and monuments of the many tombs and pyramids where they buried both their Pharoahs and anyone else who could afford such a treatment. There are certain common aspects in the scriptures, however, that are only aspects of the myth that the Ancient Egyptian creation mythology. They all stated that the world was born and risen out from a river of lifeless waters of chaos called the Nu. They also included a pyramid-shaped mound called the benben, which was the first thing that came from the rivers waters. This was inspired by the yearly flooding of the Nile, with the flooding water providing for the soil, which the Egyptian’s may have interpreted as life emerging from primeval chaos. 

Our views of the way that the world came to be are all different because the way that we each individually think is different. It is difficult to say how the world works exactly, even with all the knowledge of science in the world, but it is important that no matter what our belief, we continue to make this world a better place. 


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