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There is much to be said about community. There is so much power in the banding together of individuals during times of hardship or even times of need to rise up in defense of those around us. There are many times when the power of a community can be astounding. There are many examples in the world of this great power.

Recently, a viral video on TikTok helped change a navy veteran’s life when they managed to raise 108000 dollars to allow the eighty-two-year-old Warren Marion to retire from his job at a Walmart. Upon finding out about Marion, Rory McCarty realized that he could use his social media influence for good and set up a Gofundme, with its goal being met in only a number of days. 

A crew of Street Veterinarians in LA go around the streets of Skid Row and treat the pets of the homeless that reside within these areas. Dr. Kwane Stewart set up a non-profit known as Project Street Vet that has allowed over 600 animals on the street to be treated in that those living on the streets likely would not be able to afford that may save the life of their animal companions. 

Community is an important aspect of the lives that we live. Support from those around us can be great in times of crisis. Every once in a while, a little helping hand from those around us can go a long way.


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