Climate Change


So, we’ve got one planet. What do we do with it? So far, we have planted and harvested the grounds, hunted the lands that we were born on to and claimed the air with our own man-made wings. But we have also had a negative affect on it. We have been souring the oceans, fogging up the skies and changing what is kept within the clouds above us. It has been too long since I have looked into the way that our world is become darker by the day. But not only that but also how we can help in the society that we live in.

First, I think its important to establish exactly what is meant by climate change. Climate change is long term change in temperature and weather within an area, usually attributed to man-made pollutions or contaminants. So how does this happen? Climate change is occurring because of the continued presence and further introduction of several things into our environment. Greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere have affected the way the ways we receive from the sun affect the planet as well. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and others. These gases are released in the production of everyday products, in our excessive breeding for farms and meat production, and in so many other ways as well. Although these things are convenient or easier for us as human beings for now, they will likely and eventually lead to our own ruin because of our need and want for conveniences.

So how can we help? Well in this world full of conveniences, maybe we could take the long way around. While another car on the road is a common occurrence, its more beneficial for the environment to try and take other means to arrive at your possible destination. Options such as walking or biking places are not only beneficial for our planet, but also they can be beneficial for our own physical and mental health. We could also enjoy more meat-free options to limit the amount meat that we are buying and consuming. One way that could help would be the introduction of more trees into communities. Spending time working on community gardens and the like not helps our environment but can also create a space for those within the area to share and enjoy, creating a positive environment. We can also use less energy in our homes, which not only helps the environment but also may allow you save some money as well. It is really easy to find ways to help support the world that we live in.

Our world is important. There is really no other way that I can put it. But we can help, we can help to change things even in incremental changes. These are small changes that we can make in our lives to support the continued existence of our planet. Maybe it is not for us, but maybe it is for those to come. Our children and our children’s children have to keep living in this world once we are gone and so it much be made a safe place for them.


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