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Music is something that is all round us, in the background of the shows and movies that we watch, from performers on the streets, playing from our headphones and loud speakers. But some of the most iconic music is the music that is considered classical music.This is a style of Western Music which is traditionally formal and bears some great distinction from the other western musical genres. This music has shifted and changed over the years during different creative periods and some of the most popular pieces of this genre are still performed to this day all over the world. 

One of the most well-known names in classical music is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Although that was the name that he went by for most of his adult life, there were many variations on the name, from the one that he was born with. His family travelled to Europe often and Mozart often performed as a child prodigy on their travels. His first musical compositions he put together at the age of five years old, his first symphony was written at the age of eight year old.  

Another big name in the name of Classical Music is Ludwig van Beethhoven. His father is the one who taught Beethoven, although it was in a harsh way. He developed on the work and style of Mozart within his own work after his early period of work ending in 1802. He had great problems with his health and later in life became less and less involved in social goings on, however he continued to write music. 

 Music is an important element in the lives of many people and this classical music has had a lasting impact on the musical world and the music people learn as they continue to develop. We learn from the things that we have previously done and will as we continue to go forward. 

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