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Yesterday saw the inauguration of one Joseph Biden into the American Presidency, alongside his new vice president Kamala Harris. As someone who lives outside of the United States, even I knew how big of an impact the American election could have on the world. I have been starting to see in recent years that even if it is not the politics of our own country, it is still important that we pay attention to the leaders of the world around, especially those of the free world as it is commonly known. Considering how his presence in the office could shape the next four years, I believe it is important that people outside of the US be aware of the policies that he is putting in to place in America in the next four years.

Considering the worlds evergrowing and mutating issues with COVID at the present times, one of the policies it is important that we look at is those aiming to tackle the spread of the global pandemic that is crossing borders and even oceans. The former presidents solution was very limited, as he offered advice that he himself chose often to ignore, leading to his own infection. Biden, however, is taking a different approach to this pandemic. His plans to take down this virus include five main parts. The first is testing and tracing, keeping track of the movement of the virus to limit the spread. Secondly, sufficient PPE (personal protective equipment) for those who need it. With the number of cases within hospitals, this policy will likely greatly help medical professionals across the country. Biden has also decided to announce that he will be going the medical and scientific route when producing and distributing the vaccine for COVID-19, which will mean that Americans will likely be receiving a reliable vaccine. A large number of shops, resteruraunts and attractions have been closed since sometime last year, and as much as we all wish this was not the case, it is not safe to open everything up all at once. One of Biden’s COVID policies is that he will open the country back up as it becomes safe to do. Not only will this stop the spread in America but also the international spread. Finally, he wants to protect those who are high risk, including those who are older, which will likely help with their increasing death count. 

Outside of the COVID solutions, there are several other positive policies that Biden is bringing in as of yesterday. Some of these policies involve immigration. Biden has promised to protect those who have illegally been brought into the country as children, stopping them from being deported. For a one-hundred-day period, he will press pause on deportation and supports the pathway for undocummented immigrants. Not only is it immigrants that he has positive policies on, but he has also voiced policies in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Not only has he brought a large number of LGBTQ+ members into prominent positions of power, such as transport secretary, assistant secretary of health and social secretary but he is also supportive of trans individuals within the military, something that the former president was heavily against. 

As on of the worlds leading nations, America has often been a focal point in global news, and for good reasons. No candidate, president or leader will ever be perfect, but we can be glad for the benefits that this new president can bring to the world, within the next four years. 


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