Welcome to my about page. This is a page about me and the things I intend to, and am currently filling these digital pages with. But first, a little about me.

My name is Charlotte J Daems, and ever since I was around ten years old, I have wanted to make a career from writing. To me, it did not matter whether those words were used creatively or tell a real-life story, as long as I got to express things through the written or spoken word. My writing is my words and as an extension the way I look at the world around me.

When I begin writing my articles, they seem almost like incomplete puzzles, I only have little pieces of information, small clumps of the entire image in my mind. Through a process of research, the pieces start to come together, falling in to place, creating the image that I want. Then you have to write the piece. Because although all of the pieces have gathered in my mind, in reality, they are still scattered.

There is something brilliant about piecing something together, of having proof that you have worked it, that you understand exactly how it goes. Except even when I can see, others can not. When I write, I want to encourage others to try to better understand the world around them. So if you are here to read my articles, please take from them what you will and I hope you enjoy learning something new. If you have any comments about any of my articles, feel free to message me or get in touch on the contact, I’m always open to suggestions and comments.

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