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The benefits of the school environment


Since the beginning of the term, I have been gaining topics for my articles by sticking my ear to the ground, so to speak, and listening to where my thoughts lead me too. While it sometimes stems from things I learn in my lessons, some come from random chatter I hear in the hallway. The education system may be flawed, but there are many benefits. However, today the education system isn’t what I actually what I want to talk about, but rather, I want to talk about the benefits of children attending school itself. 

With COVID running amock in the UK, spreading from place to place, it might not seem like a good idea for parents to be sending their kids into the crowded school environment. But that crowded environment is also filled with other kids who will be a part of the way that a child learns to socialise with others. Children and even adults learn through many different processes, one of which is to learn from each other, meaning that being with others their age, their own peers, benefits their development. It can teach them skills such as empathy and friendship, which can benefit their futures and how they form relationship well into adulthood. Not only do children learn from their peers, but also from their teachers and TA’s who help them learn to effectively communicate, even outside of lessons, which is why it is important for children to be in contact with their educators.

Being within the school environment also helps their educational achievement, not only because they are having the first-hand contact with their teacher, but also because it enables them to work and build on their understanding amongst peers in a setting where there ideas and energy can be directed towards the correct answers. In this environment, it is far easier to learn as it is a structured setting designed for the purpose of the education of the students who are educated there, whether that be the educational posters on the walls or the use of the whiteboard. In the classroom environment, children are also free to make their own mistakes with the things they learn and then fix their mistakes. This makes remembering how to do it properly all the easier on the children as they have been allowed to experience the incorrect train of thought that lead them to the incorrect answers. 

So not only is the school environment positive for its primary function, learning, but also to aid in the socialising and additional learning of children of pretty much all ages. It is important for everyone to gain a sense of normalcy and so getting us back in education while we also remain safe is very important. 


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