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There are many cultures that have their own folklore, legends and myths. One creature that is often common amongst these array of lores is dragons. Dragons are prominent in many of the lores of many different cultures around the world and are also a staple in the genre of fantasy. But what are some of...Read More


There is an interesting thing about the different languages that people use to communicate with each other and things in this world. While I am not well-versed in languages, I can still find them incredibly interesting. Namely, I find myself interested in what qualifies as a language and how we came to qualify languages in...Read More


There is much to be said about long-distance travel. Recently, I have spent some time on coaches, which seemed a great way to express my mind the actual distance between places, through the time it took for me to get there. It left me thinking about distance.  Several people have attempted to get from Lands...Read More